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I had tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, and was in constant pain.  I felt like I was in a fog all the time, with no energy, and lots of pain.  I didn't want to go to work or participate in normal activities.  The progress I have made since beginning spinal decompression is much less pain, more energy, the numbness is gone, and more zest for life!"  
Daniel wendt

"I had terrible low back pain, that shot pains down my legs.  I couldn't walk very far, and my right leg would give out under me.  The back pain was so bad I had to try and sit, but was worse getting up.  After being treated with the DRX9000, I have an unbelievable difference in what I can and can't do.  Most days I have NO PAIN!!"  Judy Larkin

 "I had an extruded, herniated disc in my low back.  The pain was excruciating during episodes, and would last 1-2 weeks.  In between my episodes I had to limit my activities.  I tried biomechanics and chiropractic, but the medical doctors said my only option was surgery.  After my DRX treatments, to date my pain is gone, and I am strengthening my back and have confidance.  The staff has been professional and caring." 
Joe Aylesworth

"My lower back hurt all the time for the past three years.  I couldn't stand or sit long, do any housework, or walk very far.  I tried shots, physical therapy, and pain medications.  After DRX9000, I'd say I feel 85% better.  I can now do most everything I did before my back injury.  The staff is great, friendly, and I don't have to wait for my treatments." 
Janice Myers

"The pain got so bad in my lower back and legs I coudn't stand or walk without support or something to hold onto.  At times, the pain was so intense all I could do was sit with ice to my back and just cry.  My wife read the DRX9000 report I got in the mail, and I didn't believe it.  Finally I decided it was my last hope for relief.  The treatments were not painful, but so relaxing I would go to sleep on the machine.  I felt better after each treatment, and eventually reached 80% correction!" 
Leon Conger

"I had a L5/S1 herniated disc, with numbness, tingling, burning, and severe radiating pain in my lower back and legs for 16 years.  The pain was severely debilitating.  Since beginning decompression care, I have zero pain in my lower legs.  I am happier and move normally.  It was amazing how much i was emotionally strained from constant pain and did not ralize it." 
Bill Bennett